Demo Scene - Galaxy


Look It is FUll of Stars


This scene will spawn a whole Galaxy of Points (~500k) which will slowly rotate according to their distance to the center. Because there are a lot of Points to spawn in a short time frame a click on UpdateData on the PointCloudActor might be needed to see the Galaxy also in the editor viewport.

Over time stars will glow up once in a while, controlled by StayGlowingFPS, GlowProbability, EndGlowProbabaility values on the PCA_GalaxyRotate_Galaxy Data Asset. The postprocess effects on bloom, noise and lense flare are cranked-up to give a more intense impression of a starfield.

Within the PCD_Mat_Galaxy_Galaxy the look of the Galaxy can be changed. With the parameter FourArms set to 0 or 1 you can change the look from 2 to 4 arms, TwistAngle will change how twisted the arms in the start position are. The parameter Diluted will change how sharp the arms will be pronounced. Within the PCA_GalaxyRotate_Galaxy Data Asset the rotation speed can be changed with AngleSec. ScatterAngle will give any star a slight random offset on its path around.

In Play mode you can smoothly fly around and dive through the Galaxy. This is a beautiful and surprising demonstration of what a Point Cloud can be.