Demo Scene - Showroom


This map will show a collection of effects that can be achieved with a Point Cloud.


Fall and Forces

Even so all Points are spawned once at the beginning, their locations can be reset within the Material (for example when they dropped below a certain height). This can look like a normal Particle System but with the flexibility of a Material to script the behavior freely, instead of a predefined module. With a physical based Point Cloud forces can be combined (fall and push), which gives the movement a much more realistic look.




To morph from one to another Point Cloud (with similar Point count) all there is needed is a Texture that contains all the data for the targeted Point Cloud (which can be created by the “Export Texture” button). To make the transition more interesting PCA_MorphToDragon_SR and PCA_MorphToBunny_SR do use a TimeScaler, with an Unreal Curve as a blend value over time.



Smooth Noise

For some effects it can be useful to add noise but still remain some structure to create a unique look. The PCA_SmoothNoise can be set to base on the initial location as a reference or added iterative on the current location. With Frequency can be changed how many neighbour Points will move in a similar way and with Rate how strong the change will be over time. Deviation is the max/min difference for every update. Playing around with those values will give very different effects.



Init by Blueprint

This is an example of how to initialize a Point Cloud by Blueprint, but animate it with a PCA Data Asset.